6-Figure Consulting Roundtables (MP3) by Robert Williams

6-Figure Consulting Roundtables (MP3)

Over 2 hours of top consultants revealing secrets about their business


From 2013 to now I've been interviewing top consultants about asking them questions about their business and what makes them so successful. This includes people like:
  • Paul Jarvis
  • Samuel Hulick
  • Nick Disabato
  • Kurt Elster
  • Kai Davis
  • Jarrod Drysdale
  • Michael Alexis
  • Alex Hillman
  • Justin Jackson
  • and more
What makes all of these people so interesting is that they've built businesses that are making profit while doing it on their own terms. For the first time ever I'm releasing these interviews as a standalone package. I went through every interview and sorted each one by topics discussed and put it all together as one roundtable discussion per topic.

You'll hear how the best in the world handle the most important parts of their business. From pricing to emailing to niching. It's all included. 

What's included?

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Emailing clients
How should you approach writing emails to clients?
32 mins
Bonus - My $30k Cold Email Template
64.1 KB
How do you find new projects that are valuable?
18 mins
What should a consultant charge?
9 mins
Leveling up your consultancy
How do you level up your consultancy?
49 mins
Niche down
What's the best way to position yourself?
22 mins
Avoiding Fails
What are some failures you made?
13 mins


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