A guide to sending more effective emails to clients by Robert Williams

A guide to sending more effective emails to clients

Short guides on how to write emails that win you more work in less time. Prerequisite for joining my lead service.


Everyday you see opportunities go by. Companies everywhere need help – but when you contact them, you don’t hear back. You can help these companies... so why don’t they respond to your emails? Worse, why does contacting them feel spammy?

It's because your emails are saying the wrong things. You're not accurately presenting the value of what you can do. You're trying to encapsulate every bit of yourself in one long rambling message. Before you know it, you've re-written it a hundred times and you're still not happy.

  • “What should I say first?” 
  • “What if I sound spammy?” 
  • “How do I frame myself?” 
  • “What’s the right tone for this email?"

Emailing clients shouldn't be like this. You should know the exact recipe for writing the perfect email to a potential client. You should know how to write emails that give you the best chance at landing a client. 

With just a few tweaks you can. You can skip the years of trial and error and just send amazing emails on-demand.  You can make it easy to write any client the perfect email, by following a step-by-step guide (not a script). Better yet, you can double the number of replies you get overnight and can unlock the most fulfilling, meaningful freelance work of your career.

What does that mean for your business?

It means more clients and access to better, more profitable projects. It means working less and getting more out of your limited time. 

This ultra short book comes from a 12-month strategy session with over 50+ freelancers who were struggling to hear back from clients. Every chapter and resource is pulled from the best breakthroughs and have been tested by hundreds of freelancers (including myself). 

I know the book will work for you because every one of these freelancers began to see results as soon as they implemented the material. Leads began responding. They started winning clients. You will too.

Here’s what’s covered:
  • How to get people to read your emails.
  • How to write compelling emails.
  • How to make your emails insanely interesting.
  • How to address real needs clients will pay you for.
  • How to get the conversation going quickly and naturally.
  • How to know what you’re writing is good.

This book is designed to be a companion to your email writing process. It’s intended to be something you can open up next to gmail and refer back to whenever you want. It’s a resource you can look at quickly and know you’re sending out a great email every time.

In the last year, I’ve helped dozens of freelancers like you make hundreds of thousands of dollars from emailing freelance leads. It's works. Buy it today.

What's included?

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Emails That Win You Clients
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How to use software to send better emails
Overview of why I use Highrise
3 mins
Turning more email opt-ins into conversations
4 mins
Getting and converting more leads from your website
4 mins
Bonus - Using Highrise with Workshop
3 mins


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